Do you cross your fingers each fall when you first turn on your furnace for the season?

Do you put an extra blanket on your bed when the weather report predicts freezing temperatures overnight — just in case your furnace chooses that night to quit?

Perhaps you have a gut feeling that your furnace is not long for the world. Instead of relying on your gut, which may or may not be incredibly accurate, learn the warning signs that it may be time for a new heating system.

1. Age

According to Consumer Reports, a furnace typically lasts an average of 18 years. This means that if your heater was first installed the same year the second Harry Potter movie premiered, or when Nickelback had a number one single, it may be time to start shopping.

If you live in the Kansas City area, furnace shopping has never been easier. Reach out to Schomburg Heating and Cooling, and they will help you analyze which system would be best for your home.

2. Funny Noises

Does your furnace sound like the one Ralphie’s dad complains about in A Christmas Story? Does it pop, rattle, bang, or squeal? Does it shake, rattle, and roll?

Instead of turning up your TV so you can’t hear the noises coming from your furnace, perhaps it is time to have your unit serviced. Schomburg’s technicians may be able to repair your furnace to give you a few more years of use before you have to replace it.

3. Blower behaves oddly

Do you notice your furnace’s blower turning off and on frequently? Maybe the fan seems to run all the time. Besides running often, have you noticed that your furnace is blowing cold air?

These are all signs that it may be time to replace your furnace. For furnace repair or replacement in the Northland, call Schomburg.

4. Unequal temperature throughout the house

Do you need your favorite KC Chief’s sweatshirt in one part of your home, but you have to take it off as soon as you enter another room? Is one room always warm while another feels like a freezer? This may cause you and your spouse to play a game of dueling thermostats.

If your furnace is unable to distribute air properly throughout each room of your home, this may be a sign that your furnace will need to be replaced soon.

5. Increased heating bills

Have you noticed a drastic increase in your energy bills, even though the temperature outside has remained consistent? This may mean that your system is not running efficiently.

If your furnace is not efficient, you may be surprised at how much your heating bills will drop after you replace your furnace. It’s difficult to say how much you would save from purchasing a more efficient unit because that is dependent upon many factors.

6. Increased number of service calls

Perhaps you have Schomburg’s Heating and Cooling number programmed into your phone because you have to call them so often to keep your old, clunking furnace sputtering along. While our service techs are happy to do what is needed to keep your old furnace operating, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to pour money into an outdated unit.

Even though we can work on every type of system, we may have a more difficult time finding parts for old units. Waiting for a part for your furnace may be a big deal in October or March, but waiting for a part during a cold January in Kansas City may not be possible.

If you are ready for a new system, call Schomburg Heating and Cooling at 816-238-0032.