The hotter temperatures of the year often last well into the fall months. As a result, it isn’t necessary to start worrying about the heating system until fall is fully upon you. However, due to this long-term, month after month use of the air conditioner, it is not uncommon for these systems to stop working efficiently or completely from time to time. While this is a pretty common occurrence, it can have you frustrated and sweating until the professionals can arrive.

The good news is, in some cases the problem won’t be with the actual AC system and provide you with an easy fix. Here you can learn more about what to do in these situations to restore function and comfort to your home.

Check the Power to Your System

If your air conditioner failure occurs during the daytime, you may have lost power and not noticed. Or, if you have power in your home, then the issue may be a circuit breaker that has tripped. This issue occurs when there is excessive electricity to the circuit the AC system is on. This is a common issue since the most homeowners run their AC system consistently. To see if this is the issue, check the panel and reset the circuit breaker to see if power is restored.

Check the Thermostat

While this may seem obvious, it is a common issue. In some cases, someone in your house may have changed the temperature on the thermostat without your knowledge. As a result, make sure to check and see what the temperature is set on before calling for service or help. If you have a thermostat that is not hard-wired into your electrical system, make sure to check the batteries, as this can be a culprit, too.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter for the system needs to be cleaned or changed every one to three months. The actual amount of time to wait in between changing the filter will depend on the type you use and how much debris are in your home. If you don’t change the filter, it can result in a clog, which may impede the air flow. If this happens, your air conditioner may be running, but you likely won’t feel the cooling power that you should, resulting in you being hot and uncomfortable.

If you have used all the troubleshooting tips above, but your AC is still not functioning properly, then it is time to call the professionals. They will be able to determine the underlying issue and provide the proper fix for the situation.