One of the very best ways to easily tell that your air conditioning system needs repairs is to listen to it. Even the newest air conditioning system does not come with a computerized system that will automatically analyze any issues and provide a report to homeowners with a full diagnostic of the problem and how to fix it. While this may be something that is available in the future, it is not something that is available today.

However, air conditioning systems will provide homeowner’s indications that an issue is present. One of the best ways to determine if your AC system is not functioning properly is to listen for strange, unusual or new sounds. If these issues are heard, then it is a good idea to call the professionals to handle the diagnostic process and to find a viable solution.

One of the most common issues an air conditioner will have is a hissing sound. This sounds like gas is escaping from the AC system and is a warning that something is going on that needs attention. Some of the most common reasons for a hissing sound coming from your air conditioner can be found here.

Refrigerant Leaks

In some cases, a hissing sound can be the result of escaping gas. Leaks in the copper refrigerant line will allow the gaseous refrigerant, which is under a tremendous amount of pressure, to escape. This indicates a serious issue. When the air conditioner loses its charge of refrigerant, it can result in damage to the system’s compressor, which can put the entire unit at risk of serious damage.

Internal Valve Leak

Another reason you may hear a hissing sound coming from your air conditioner is if the compressor valve is leaking. This is the valve that controls the pressurization of the system’s refrigerant. Again, if the problem is left unchecked, it can cause compressor damage and be quite costly to repair.

Compressor Issues

In some cases, a hissing sound coming from the AC unit may indicate that the compressor itself is not working properly because the pressure inside is too high. The compressor is considered the most expensive part of an AC system to repair. In most cases, it will be more affordable to replace the entire unit, than just the compressor. If the hissing sound you hear transforms into a shrieking sound, then you should shut down the air conditioner and call your repair technician right away.

In most cases, if a hissing sound is taken care of as soon as it is noticed, the repair will be affordable. However, if the issue persists, it can result in the entire system having to be replaced. Be sure to pay attention to your AC system and any new or unusual sounds you may notice. This will help you take action and get the necessary repairs quickly.