It can be easy to forget about your air conditioner until the first heat-wave of the season rolls in. You turn it on and hope everything works.  Having spring maintenance on your cooling equipment is a great way to ensure optimal performance and make sure everything is in good working order.

One of our trained HVAC technicians will perform a series of tests to find out if there are any issues with your unit and—in the case that there is—get them replaced or repaired before serious damage (or failure) occurs.

During our spring maintenance, we check to ensure your air conditioning will not only work, but also to review the level of performance and head off any problems. Specifically, we check:

System pressure – If the pressure in the system isn’t correct it can take more energy to move air through the unit which will end up costing you more in the long run by raising your electric bill.

Coil temperature – Any areas of the coil on your HVAC unit that aren’t functioning properly may result in a different temperature. This can greatly impact the effectiveness of your unit and leave your St. Joseph home or Platte City office hotter or cooler than your settings indicate it should be at.

Condenser temperature – HVAC professionals can usually tell if there are any problems with the unit by the temperature of the condenser and pinpoint what might be causing the issues.

Freon or refrigeration leaks – Any time Freon begins leaking, the HVAC unit will not maintain the desired temperature inside the house or office it is cooling and can eventually lead to a damaged unit if gone unnoticed.

Replace air filter – As more pollen and dust starts to stir up during the spring months (and over the entire winter) it’s important that your air filter gets replaced; buildups can block or even prevent air from passing through the filter and cause the HVAC system to work harder, lower air output, and raise your utility bills.