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Air Conditioning Repair Spring Tx

Is your air conditioning system working below par, blowing hot air, or not working at all? When your AC system becomes faulty, the atmosphere in your Spring TX home turns hot and uncomfortable. Once you notice that your AC is broken, do not hesitate to call on our professional team at Prestige Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC. We are experts in providing prompt and professional air conditioning repair in Spring TX. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Spring and the entire Texas area.

Why Is My Ac Running But Not Cooling?

An air conditioner running but not cooling properly can be frustrating, especially during a hot summer in Spring TX. Does your air conditioner run daily yet the temperature in your room is hot? Here is a list of possible causes.

Clogged Air Filter: Air conditioner filters if they are not cleaned as time goes on can lead to a buildup of dust and molds. This minimizes airflow to your AC. Less airflow to your AC means decreased efficiency, making your house hotter than cooler. The air filter should be cleaned periodically.

Low Refrigerant: Refrigerant is pivotal to get your air conditioner working, as it should. The coolant circulates around the AC unit, cooling the evaporation coils and sends out cool air into the room. When the refrigerant is low, there is going to be a decreased performance of your AC while it is operational.

Bad Compressor: A compressor is an integral part of the AC unit necessary for its functioning. The compressor compresses the coolant and sends it through the evaporation coils and condenser to cool the room.

Broken Air Ducts: The air ducts of the AC system are designed to carry the air that flows from the cooling system into the room. A leaky air duct causes leakage of cooled air from the AC.

How Can I Find Out If I Am Spending Too Much On Air Conditioning In My Home?

Whether you turn on your air conditioner occasionally or you are an avid user, it is important to know if you are spending so much on your AC unit. According to The Us Department of Energy, Americans spending a whopping sum of $22 billion annually on air conditioners to cool their home.

Homeowners can spend less on air conditioners by replacing windows and calculating AC costs before purchase. Installing more windows allows the AC to run and circulate air around a room effectively with overworking itself and consuming more energy in the process.

Purchase an appropriately sized AC unit that will run effectively cooling your home and saving you costs. Use new air conditioners for they consume less energy than old ones that have lasted for over a decade.

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Contact us today at Prestige Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC, for professional AC repair. Our services are affordable, prompt, and reliable. We will dedicate every resource at our disposal to offer you the very best of air conditioning repair services. An amazing experience awaits you.

Air Conditioning Repair Spring Tx
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