At Schomburg Heating & Cooling, we know air conditioning season is just around the corner. In fact, you may have already used your AC in recent weeks. In our business, we know that air conditioners can fail when you least expect it – such as when temperatures are soaring into the 90s. Below we have provided information about some of the most common issues Kansas City area homeowners face, and possible solutions.

Is your AC making strange noises? Rattling and vibration noises aren’t normal, however most air conditioners make some noise when running. Your system may not have been properly installed if you hear rattling/vibration noises. Squealing noises could indicate a belt connecting the blower to the motor has slipped if yours is an older unit. Squealing can also come from the air handler in direct-drive motor units, so call in a professional if you experience any of these issues.

If your air conditioner won’t come on, it could be one of several issues. Before you check anything else, make sure your thermostat is working properly. Once you know the thermostat is functioning as it should, take a look at the circuit breakers (inside and outside, near the unit). Flip or reset the breaker if it has been tripped, and see if that solves the problem. However, it the breaker is thrown again, call an HVAC professional instead of repeating the process, as there could be a problem with the circuit breakers. Make sure the outside unit is clear of leaves, grass, weeds, and other debris, as this could damage the capacitor.

Does your AC run, but your home doesn’t seem to be cool? Sometimes the air coming from the vents is not cold, which could indicate low refrigerant or a stalled condenser coil. The condenser coil is the component of your cooling system that produces cold air. Even when this component isn’t working properly, the fan will still run. A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse may be the culprit when the condenser malfunctions. Whether it’s the condenser or a possible refrigerant leak, give your air conditioning contractor a call.

Another reason your system may fail to cool your home even when it runs is leaks in the ductwork. The ductwork is what delivers conditioned air to your home; when leaks exist, it means cooled air is escaping and not making it into your home. Consider having your ducts inspected and sealed to ensure cooled air isn’t escaping, as this not only results in an uncomfortable home, but increased energy costs! Leaks in the ductwork can also result in poor indoor air quality because of the dust, dirt, and debris that can build up in ducts.

These are just a few of the common AC problems you may face with your cooling system this summer. Hopefully you won’t experience any problems at all, however if you do, count on the Kansas City cooling experts at Schomburg Heating & Cooling for exceptional air conditioner repair service and competitive prices.