Platte City HVAC systems are machinery….and it’s just the nature of machinery that parts wear out, slip and are poorly adjusted. Efficient operation of machinery is a result of a well maintained unit.
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We see some of the same issues come up fairly regularly on our service trips. Some of the most common issues with furnaces and their resolutions are discussed below.

1.    Carbon monoxide leaks. It’s one of the most dangerous issues with malfunctioning HVAC equipment. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can cause physical harm and even death.  A leakage occurs when something in the furnace fails and the gas is pumped throughout the duct work.

When there are low levels of the gas in the air, people exposed to it will usually have symptoms similar to the flu, including sleepiness. More serious levels can be lethal before you are aware of what’s happened.

It is recommended to place a carbon monoxide detector near the furnace. It’s wise to have several carbon monoxide detectors around the house because there can be more than one source of the gas, such as gas stoves, generators and other gasoline powered equipment and vehicles.

HVAC professionals should have more sensitive and more accurate detectors than can be purchased by consumers. The Schomburg professionals always will. It’s typical to check carbon monoxide levels during any visit from an HVAC professional.

2.    Fаultу combustion chambers (also sometimes called heat exchangers) can be areas of concern as well. When leaky, they pose a serious threat to life. If a crack is identified, the unit should not be used again – even it’s the middle of winter.

It’s a good idea to visually inspect the area for cracks and rust if you can identify the chamber. Clean the area of dust and debris as well. If you find a crack, turn off the gas immediately and begin the process to replace the unit.

When they have to be replaced, there’s little room for error. It’s best to have it inspected professionally once or twice a year and serviced by a professional. HVAC professionals will sometimes have infrared equipment that can detect weaknesses in the area.  Often a replacement part is not available and the whole furnace has to be replaced.

Most importantly, homeowners will often forget to inspect for this issue annually, but it’s always on the list of things to check for an HVAC professional. It’s one of the reason we believe in and recommend our preventative maintenance service (Comfort Club).

3.    Тhе lаst item of particular concern is the thermocouple. The primary function of this safety shut off mechanism is to turn off the gas if the pilot light goes out to prevent gas build up.

Pushing the pilot light reset button may make it relight. If it doesn’t come back on, it needs to be replaced.

When looking at your Platte City HVAC unit or making any adjustments, always check for and follow the manufacturers guidelines.

HVAC units are not only the most expensive appliance in homes, they can directly affect the life and well being of the family living there.