When the temperatures begin to drop outside, most people turn to their furnace to keep them warm and comfortable. However, once you fire it up, you may realize that it isn’t running quite as well as it did before. While there is the chance that the furnace isn’t working as well because it is old, a more common issue is the buildup of debris and dirt that have built up because it hasn’t been used, or because the parts aren’t in good shape. If you continue to run your unit when it isn’t in top-notch shape, then you may wind up damaging a number of important components.

One of the best ways for you to figure out that repairs are needed is by calling the professionals for heating system maintenance at least once a year. During this maintenance, the technician will inspect the entire system to find any issues that may be present. There are some adjustments they will be able to make the same day, while other issues may have to be scheduled for a later date. Some of the most common issues that technicians find during heating system maintenance are found here.

A Dirty Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is an important safety component that can detect when there is no flame present. This will send a signal out to shut the gas valve off. If the part becomes dirty, it may not detect the flam, shut off the gas valve and then result in no heat in your home. While this does not put your safety at risk, it can result in your home being cold and uncomfortable.

A Dirty Filter

While you know the filter is important for your air conditioner, many homeowners don’t realize it is just as important for your heating system. A dirty filter can lead to a number of issues with your furnace over the years. If the furnace becomes excessively dirty, it may restrict the airflow to the unit, and it could lead to a chamber that is overheated. It may also result in the parts getting overworked and worn out. A professional technician will be able to let you know if the filter is too dirty and may recommend a schedule for you to replace it.

Damage to the Flue Pipe

The heating technician you hire will also thoroughly inspect your entire unit, which includes the portion that helps the system vent the combustion gases safely outside. If there are any signs of rust or cracks, or if the vent pipe is not the right size, then the technician may recommend that you replace it.

If you are worried that your heating system is not working efficiently, or that it may have suffered damage during the hotter months of the year, then it is a good idea to schedule a professional inspection. The technicians will be able to fix any issues and ensure you remain warm and comfortable when the temperatures go down outside.