When the summer temperatures arrive, things can get hot and uncomfortable quickly. If you are like most people, you likely retreat into your home and crank up the air conditioner. Unfortunately, AC units aren’t designed to last forever and if you don’t maintain your unit, you may notice issues when you power it up. However, do you know the signs of a problem? If not, you’re in the right place. Here you can learn the most common signs of AC problems and know when to call for help, before the situation leads to a complete breakdown.

The Unit is Making Strange or Loud Sounds

Does it sound as though your AC unit is operating at a much louder level than it usually does? Are you worried about the development of new sounds you have never heard the system make before? Do you think that it may all be in your head?

If you are noticing any strange or loud sounds – don’t ignore the problem. This is your air conditioner’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Calling the pros to come check out the problem is the best course of action. They can ensure whatever is causing the strange or loud sound doesn’t get worse.

The Unit is Costing More than Usual to Run

Just because your AC unit is able to cool your home effectively, it doesn’t mean that everything is fine. In some situations, reduced energy efficiency is the first waring sign that something has gone wrong; however, this won’t be the last if you don’t take action.

Make sure to watch your bills as you run the AC unit during the summer months. While there are going to be some fluctuations, you shouldn’t notice any significant spikes that you can’t explain or that aren’t “normal.” Also, don’t ignore increased costs, as this is a clear indication that something isn’t operating efficiently.

The Unit is Blowing Warm Air

This is probably the most obvious sign of an issue with your air conditioner. It is also the most difficult of all the problems to ignore. Even while this is true, you may not notice a gradual decline in the cooling output of your system. There are quite a few reasons why this issue may occur, so your best bet is to contact a professional to come out and determine the underlying cause of a problem.

There may be a refrigerant leak that has resulted in heat not being removed from the inside of your home, or the ductwork may be leaky. Regardless of the situation, a professional can quickly diagnose the issue and fix the problem.

Being informed and knowing what constitutes a problem with your AC unit is the best way to ensure the issue doesn’t get worse. Be sure to contact a professional technician if you notice any of the issues here, or anything else unusual with your air conditioner.