While not every Kansas City homeowner has to worry about furnace flue deterioration, those who live in older homes that operate on gas may want to continue reading about a potentially serious problem. If there are issues with furnace flue deterioration, you may not even be aware of this “silent” problem.

Many home in the Kansas City metro area were built decades ago, prior to the enactment of more stringent building codes. At that time, it was okay for contractors to run a single wall pipe to vent the furnace. The vent would essentially go through the attic and exit through the roof. So, what’s the problem you ask? Possible carbon monoxide – here’s why.

Gas furnaces product flue gas temperatures that are hot. However, by the time flue gas reaches the attic space, temperatures have cooled substantially. Ultimately, a cold attic in winter months combined with a cool flue is a potentially dangerous combination, as it results moisture that eventually causes the flue to become rotted. At this point, carbon monoxide may infiltrate your home because of the disintegration or rotting of the flue. The problem may be even more pronounced in homes with gas furnaces that were installed over the past 25 years, as these furnaces produce even less heat than older models.

The primary byproducts of combustion are moisture and fumes, because of the fact that gas burns so efficiently. This means homeowners should be concerned, and have their flues inspected on a yearly basis to ensure there are no safety issues. While homeowners do want furnaces that are highly efficient, ironically those that are put homeowners more at risk. In newer homes or making improvements in older homes, it is essential that venting systems are properly designed and installed.

Another concern Kansas City homeowners should consider is the possibility of animal or bird nests in the flue, which could block the escape of gas exhausts into the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide is a highly dangerous gas that is invisible and odorless. Taking proper precautions is vital if you have an older gas burning furnace, or a more recent model that is highly efficient and vented through the attic/roof.

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