As a Kansas City homeowner, you may be thinking about upgrading your heating system. Perhaps you have a heat pump and feel that it doesn’t do a good job of heating your home in the cold winter months, or your system is old and in need of an update. Either way, here is a fact you need to know: in Missouri and Kansas, it requires more than a heat pump on its own to keep energy bills down and your home toasty during the winter season.

So, what is the best solution? There are three options:

  • A “hybrid heat” system, which is essentially a heat pump paired with a gas furnace
  • An air handler that includes a heat pump
  • A gas furnace/air conditioner combination

We already mentioned that relying solely on a heat pump can result in an uncomfortable home and higher energy costs. Let’s go into this issue a bit more in-depth.

Heat pumps work great in areas where it doesn’t typically get colder than 40 degrees, but colder than that and you will find yourself uncomfortable. Heat pumps on their own struggle to keep a home warm when temperatures outside drop below 40. For instance, if the outside temperature dips to 25 or 30 degrees and you have your thermostat set on 72 or 75, it will be hard for the heat pump to get your home even to 65 or 70 degrees. Additionally, heat pumps blow air out of the registers that is about 95 degrees, much cooler than the 120 degrees a gas furnace typically puts out. This air feels cool to the skin, which is understandable considering the human body temperature is 98 degrees.

Ultimately, a heat pump must rely on an air handler with electric heat strips or a gas furnace to keep your home warm. The problem here comes when the electric heat strips kick in, as they cost up to six times more to operate than the heat pump itself! During the super cold months often experienced in the Midwest, this could result in astronomical heat costs. What to do?

The best solution is a hybrid heat system or gas furnace.

At Schomburg Heating & Cooling, we have nothing at all against heat pumps; in milder weather, they work wonderfully. However, if you live in Kansas City or surrounding areas including Dearborn, Weston, St. Joseph, or Smithville, you may want to consider an alternative solution to a heat pump alone, as winters in this area can be downright frigid! Call our heat and air professionals today for answers to all of your home comfort questions.