Changing an air filter in Platte City MO

Why Change the Filter

Changing your air filter not only improves the overall air quality and flow throughout your home, it also helps to ensure that the air in as clean as possible. That means the reduction of airborne particulates like dust, pollen and mold spores which can sometimes cause sinus irritations and aggravate allergies.

These particles eventually fill and clog the air filter – which, if not changed, can reduce the HVAC system’s efficiency. Changing your air filter is actually quite easy. Often the hardest part is removing the vent cover (and not all systems require this).

How to Change the Filter

Key points: install the correct size filter in the correct direction.

First: Locate the ac or furnace unit and find the removable vented cover. This is most likely where you will find the filter.

Second: Notice the position of the current filter and remove it (it usually has a cardboard frame and mesh inside). The dimensions should be indicated on that filter. Purchase a replacement in that size if you don’t already have one. If you do not have a replacement filter, you can easily find one at a hardware store and they are often sold in singles or in bulk amounts. If you’re in the Platte City area, this could mean the True Value Hardware store, or in St. Joseph, it could be Ace Hardware or Joseph Hardware.

Third: Unwrap and install the new filter. If there are arrows on the filter, place the filter so the arrows point to the main air conditioning/furnace unit.

NOTE: Never run the heat or air conditioning without a filter installed. If you don’t have a replacement filter, keep the old one in place or turn the unit off until a new one is installed.

Selecting a Filter: Consider getting a filter with HEPA filtration. This type of filter offers unrivaled protection from air pollutants, allergens, and other fine particulates which would otherwise make it into your lungs. These filters remove over 99% of these particles.

When to Change the Filter

The changing of the seasons is a beautiful reminder to change the air filter.

Although it is sometimes stated that you only need to change the filters about twice a year, some recent recommendations suggest that during the peak use months of summer and winter, the filter should be changed every month. This ensures maximum efficiency and the most benefit for your money. Good air flow throughout the house reduces the need for the unit to have to work as hard or as long to reach and maintain the desired temperature. This saves energy and of course, money.