As an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Cooling & Heating equipment, we want to educate Kansas City area homeowners on the various options available today for heating and cooling your home. Not too many years ago, homeowners had few options – cool or heat your entire home, regardless of the temperature variations in certain rooms. Today, it’s possible to heat or cool only the living spaces you actually use, which saves not only energy, but money as well.

Heating and Cooling Options

Whether you want to heat/cool a single room or your entire home, traditional systems simply don’t meet the needs of homeowners today. Mitsubishi systems allow you to create the precise comfort you want in individual zones, so every member of the family can enjoy spaces that are “just right,” not too cold or too hot. In addition, depending on your needs there are units designed for installation in the wall, floor, even horizontal ducted and ceiling recessed units. Here’s a little information on all of the options.

Floor mounted units are ideal for rooms with short or low walls, sunrooms, attics, or other areas in your home that don’t have adequate wall space for a wall mounted unit.

Ceiling recessed units are ideal for home additions, bedrooms, home offices, basements, and sunrooms. This type of installation provides better distribution of conditioned air due to its unobtrusive style, and wide airflow pattern.

Wall mounted units make it possible to enjoy comfort control in each individual room, and unlike window units are slim and sleek in style.

Horizontal ducted units are essentially “hidden” in either the floor or ceiling, and provide the ultimate comfort for bathrooms, master bedrooms, rooms that have attics, or home additions.

With Mitsubishi heating and cooling systems, you can detect fluctuations in temperature and control them. Temperatures close to the ceiling are often much warmer than in the lower region of the room. Mitsubishi products offer the I-see Sensor feature which detects temperatures in troublesome areas automatically by scanning the room and adjusting the temperature based on ambient temperature readings. Your family enjoys a comfortable environment, effortlessly.

Eliminate wasting energy, and money. Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter, you can enjoy consistent temperatures while conserving energy and saving on utility bills. Much like the cruise control on a vehicle, Mitsubishi heating & cooling systems offer a compressor capable of changing speeds determined by the heating/cooling needs of your living spaces. Because the system varies the speed of the compressor, power consumption is reduced.

Healthier, cleaner air for your family. All indoor models offered by Mitsubishi incorporate a multi-part filtration system that is superior to other brands, reducing bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the environment. This results in a healthier home, and improved indoor air quality!

If it’s time to replace your heating/cooling system or you are building a new home, consider Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating products. Truly comfortable indoor spaces, healthier air, and reduced energy costs – what more could you want? Contact Schomburg Heating & Cooling today, we’re the Kansas City HVAC professionals you can rely on for “smart” solutions to indoor comfort needs.  We will be happy to discuss your Kansas City Heating and Cooling options.