Your heating and cooling system chugs along day after day, simply doing its job, but just like anything, your HVAC system needs maintenance in the fall to get ready for the coming winter months in Kansas City. Doing maintenance now means that you’ll be snug and warm this winter – and it also will help prevent having to do a panicked emergency call if your furnace suddenly goes out when the weather is chilly.

Your maintenance checklist

  • Check for leaks

You probably already know to check for leaks in your home; windows, areas with recessed lighting, window and door frames, and electrical outlets all are prone to leaks, and you can find them by walking around your house with a candle on a windy day to see where they’re coming from.

But did you know that your HVAC system’s ductwork can have leaks, too? If it does, you can look forward to higher energy bills, chilly nights and days – and bad air quality as well. Have your ductwork professionally inspected as part of your maintenance checklist for your Kansas City home. You’ll save money on your utility bills, you’ll have a warm and cozy winter, and you won’t have to call for service because your HVAC system malfunctions this winter.

  • Schedule an inspection of your HVAC system

You should have your HVAC system inspected twice year: In the spring, and in the fall. A technician will come in and inspect your ductwork, check for any leaks, and do repairs as necessary. Your technician will inspect wiring and connections to make sure everything is working properly, replace or clean air filters, inspect safety controls and the ignition system, clean and adjust the burner assembly, inspect your gas furnace for leaks if you have one, inspect your drain pan, drain lines and evaporator coil, and clean and repair as needed.

Does anything need replacement?

It’s a normal part of HVAC maintenance to replace worn-out parts and filters. In some cases, however, your HVAC expert may advise you to replace rather than repair your system. This is especially true, for example, if your Kansas City home’s HVAC system is 12 years or older. In general, it’s a good idea to replace rather than repair your heating and cooling system every 10 to 15 years. The cost up front for doing so will be returned to you many times over, as your new, efficient system costs much less to run. Watch those energy bills drop, get rid of those cold spots in your house, and stay comfortable all winter long.

Need Kansas City HVAC System & Furnace  Advice?

Your HVAC expert may also be able to tell you about options specific to your home that will be more cost-effective for you. Mitsubishi systems, for example, give you the flexibility to create individual temperatures for each “zone” of your house, so that everyone can find his or her own comfort level.

At Schomburg Heating & Cooling, our Kansas City heating and cooling professionals will inspect, repair, and if necessary recommend replacement for your HVAC system so that you’ll be snug all winter long. Take care of it now so that you won’t have an uncomfortable – and costly – emergency this winter!