We’re pleased to be an authorized service provider for Mitsubishi, a worldwide leader in HVAC products. We repair Mitsubishi products and replace units that are beyond their serviceable life.

Mitsubishi has been providing innovative solutions in the HVAC field for more than 30 years, including a ductless unit that’s a perfect alternative for a single room or floor air conditioner.

The customers in the video below describe how they like and use their ductless unit from Mitsubishi.

Innovative Products

The more you learn about Mitsubishi HVAC products, the more likely you are to choose one of their products for your home or workplace. If you research the company and its products, you’ll see what makes Mitsubishi one of the top companies that smart decision makers choose when they want to improve the comfort of their spaces while conserving energy. The fact that the company has been promoting environmental sustainability for decades is a bonus.

They offer innovative solutions and products you might not have considered, much less known existed. Take a look here to become familiar with what’s available.

Installation Assurance

Because we’re an authorized service provider for this forward-looking company, you can be sure that whatever Mitsubishi system you choose will be installed with safety and optimum performance in mind.

If staying cool or keeping warm is priority, a Mitsubishi HVAC system installed and maintained by our team of professionals is an excellent solution.

Solutions with You in Mind

 The HVAC solution that’s best for you is determined by your needs and goals – and it’s not going to be the same solution we offer everyone else.  Common  considerations are how you’re going to use the room, if there is new construction, and if you are looking to update/upgrade the whole system.