Duct cleaning is a popular service offered by HVAC companies. The problem with this service is the fact that there are quite a few negative conceptions about what it does, or more importantly, what it can’t do. Learning a bit more about the process and the benefits it offers will help ensure you make an educated decision regarding whether or not it is a service you should invest in.

Duct Cleaning Services

A professional duct cleaning service will use specialized brushes, vacuums, and blowers to clean the return ducts through the home, intake and supply. The process also typically includes a complete cleaning of the coils, housings, motors, fans, grilles, registers and air handler of the HVAC system.

While there is no concrete evidence that routine duct cleaning will improve the air quality or reduce the amount of dust in the home, there is proof that dirty cooling and heating coils, air handling units and motors can make the HVAC unit much less efficient.

While it may not seem especially beneficial to invest in duct cleaning, there are situations where cleaning your HVAC system and the ductwork may be useful.

Should You Invest in Duct Cleaning?

Due to the increasing concerns regarding indoor quality, it can be quite easy to convince a homeowner that their ducts need cleaning. However, unless the ducts are extremely dirty, there is no reason to have them cleaned. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) takes a stance that is similar to this belief.

In most cases, you will not need to invest in duct cleaning services unless one of the following issues are present:

  •  Renovation: If your home is being remodeled or has been remodeled recently, especially if asbestos abatement, the removal of lead paint or a lot of dust, the ductwork should be cleaned.
  •  Animals: If you have noticed any evidence of an animal nesting or infestation in the HVAC ducts then having the animals removed and the ductwork cleaned is essential.
  • Mold: Visible mold growth inside of the ductwork needs to be cleaned.
  • Contaminants: When there are noticeable odors, pet hair, debris or other contaminants being released into the home through the ducts after the registers are cleaned and vacuumed, then it may be time for duct cleaning services.
  •  Illness: If there is someone in your family who is suffering from some type of unexplained allergy-type illness and you have taken other steps for decontamination, you should have the HVAC system cleaned to see if it was the cause.

Why Invest in this Service?

While there is no concrete evidence that duct cleaning will improve air quality in a home, it does offer other benefits. Discuss the options with the HVAC technician to ensure that this is a service that could be beneficial to you. After the cleaning, ask for proof that it was worthwhile. This can be offered in a number of ways and any quality HVAC company will have no problem providing this to their customers.