The cold days of December were a harsh reminder that Adam McGinness’ furnace was on its last legs.

The McGinness’ heating and cooling system had been giving them intermittent trouble while creating significant energy bills every month since they’d been in the home.

Adam had read the energy savings newer (more efficient) furnaces create, how they boost comfort and pollute less.

After doing some research, he found that replacing his furnace was less expensive than he thought, and much less risky than waiting for the furnace to possibly just give out.

After getting several estimates and input from his cold blooded wife and small child, he decided on a new Trane system installed by us.

“After dealing with several problems with the air conditioning and the heating, we got tired of being afraid the system was going to completely fail. I’m glad we finally made the decision to get a new furnace. I feel like I can rest a little easier this winter. 

“The people at Schomburg who helped us were so easy to work with. The whole process was fast, easy and clean. I will definitely use them again.”