Preventative Maintenance Gives You Peace of Mind

The best thing you can do to prevent failure of your HVAC equipment, to ensure that your equipment is running safely and to minimize the utility costs associated with your heating and cooling system, is to have regular Preventative Maintenance checks.

Regular, routine maintenance is essential to long-lasting, efficient performance of your heating and cooling system. No one knows more about working on these systems than a factory-certified team like ours. If problems should arise, take comfort in knowing that we have you covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Saturday, Sunday and holiday service is at no additional cost to our customers.

The benefits of our Comfort Club, our preventative maintenance offering, include:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of your equipment and thereby minimizing the utility costs of running it
  • Preventing breakdowns by identifying potential problems and addressing them
  • Peace of Mind knowing that your system is running safely and smoothly
  • Convenience – we service on most brands and makes of both residential and commercial equipment
  • Full service – refrigeration service is available for commercial customers
  • Assistance to maximize your energy efficiency to help you lower your overall utility bill
  • Our Preventative Maintenance customers receive priority service

Sample Summer Cooling Checks

We check the items that are most important to the operation and safety of your equipment. A few of the things our technicians do include:

  1. Check and replace air filters
  2. Inspect voltage and amperage to all motors
  3. Verify refrigerant charge is adequate and look for possible leaks
  4. Check belts and adjust tension
  5. Lubricate all necessary parts
  6. Verify that condensation drain is in the correct position
  7. Clean and adjust thermostat
  8. Check all wiring for loose connections
  9. Test evaporator superheat

Sample Winter Heating Checks

Checking for safety first, we’ll always ensure your equipment is free from any leaks that might endanger your home or family. We conduct a full test of the most important items, including, but not limited to:

  1. Check for gas or freon leaks
  2. Test for carbon monoxide leaks
  3. Check and change air filter
  4. Adjust gas burners and controls where needed
  5. Clean and adjust safety controls
  6. Test thermostat (and adjust, if needed)
  7. Check and adjust gas pressure
  8. Inspect temperature rise across furnace
  9. Run and review a complete cycle of operation

Learn more about Winter Preventative Maintenance here.

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