The McGinness family loves to travel!

Adam McGinness’ travel business sometimes requires that he hop on a plane or a take a cruise on short notice….. or change travel plans while on the road.

A programmable thermostat gives him freedom and comfort so he can do that and know that he can manage his home while he’s away from it.

  • If he’s left the house in a hurry, and realizes on his way to the Bahamas that his house in Platte City is still at 68 degrees, he can log in and change the temperature.
  • He can program it so it’s a different temperature while he sleeps than when he arrives home.
  • When it’s an unexpectedly perfect spring in Kansas City with consistent temperatures, he can turn the unit off from his hotel in Rome.

When use properly, annual energy savings of $180 can be expected (according to  Guidelines for maximizing your savings can be found here.