St. Joe HVAC Repair company on the news:  was a hot month in the St. Joe area. Temperatures were often in the 90’s during the latter part of the month, and many air conditioners worked double time. St. Joe homeowner Jeremy Javers noticed his air conditioner rarely turned off and that his utility bill was about $100 a month higher than it was last year.

St. Joe channel KQ2 aired a video about the Javer’s home air conditioner repair.  Our technician Dylan Brunshidle handled the repair. At 1:03, our he suggests some preventative maintenance homeowners can do themselves. It’s worth a watch for that.

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Below is the full text of the video (also available here):

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Air conditioners are working overtime this month as temperatures soared into the 90’s.

“I’m a big guy and I need my cool space in the house in order to maintain my sanity in the summer,” said homeowner Jeremy Javers. Javers recently became suspicious about the health of his air conditioning unit after he noticed some changes. “I first noticed the problem just seeing higher utility costs by almost $100 more than what we were seeing last summer, then the air conditioning was pretty much running non-stop to the point we were recently blowing fuses,” said Javers. HVAC technician Dylan Brunshidle came over to check it out.

“Hopefully you know the money we spend here will pay itself back in a month or two so its probably well worth the cost.” said Javers.

Brusnshidle repaired a leak in their system and now it is running just fine.

He has some St. Joe HVAC Repair tips for other homeowners.

“There’s two preventative measures that you as a homeowner can take to keep your HVAC system running as optimally as you can.” said Brunshidle.

The first thing you can do is change your filters monthly. Next, make sure you clean your condenser coils from the inside out. Start at step one by disconnecting the electricity from running to prevent any injury. Next unscrew and remove the cover. Finally, rinse out the coils.

“You’ll see dirt and mud and debris coming out of the fins out here,” said Brunshidle.

Brunshidle says that simple maintenance prolongs the life of your fan motor and compressor.
Other than that, leave it to the professionals to avoid costly mistakes.

“Don’t go tearing stuff apart before you get the professionals out, that’s the mistake I made,” joked Javers.

St. Joe HVAC Repair experts say older units use an older type of refrigerant that is very expensive to repair.

Replacing the unit may be more cost effective, to avoid repeated repairs.

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