Unfortunately, there are times when your furnace or heating system malfunctions just when you need it the most – on what seems like the coldest day of the winter season, and Kansas City certainly experiences some extremely cold temperatures in winter months! While it’s a huge inconvenience, having your furnace go out could also be potentially dangerous for your family. It’s important to be prepared, even if you think your heating system is in perfect working order. So, in the event your furnace does go on the blink, how can you keep warm while waiting for a technician for furnace repair?

First of all, it’s important to realize that in the dead of winter, heat and air professionals are usually very busy, so you may have to wait for a day or two (or even longer, depending on work load) to have your heater repaired. Here are a few tips for keeping warm and comfortable until help arrives:

Have another heat source ready. If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, make sure you have dry wood to burn in case of an emergency. If you have power, space heaters are an instant way to heat up small spaces, such as a single room.

Have your entire family stay in one room. Heating your entire home isn’t practical – or even possible – when your furnace isn’t functioning properly. By staying together in one room, you will have only that space to worry about. If you have a multi-level home, the top floor will be warmer, because heat rises.

Dress warmly. While this goes without saying, adding a few extra layers of clothing can really help keep you feeling warm and cozy. Have plenty of quilts, blankets, or throws available so that everyone can stay as warm as possible.

Seal up any areas where heat may escape. Check electrical outlets, windows, and doors to make sure what heat you have from a fire or space heater isn’t escaping to the outdoors. If you find any gaps or cracks where cold air is getting in, seal them using the appropriate material such as weather stripping or caulk.

Consider staying with family or at a friend’s house while waiting. If your family isn’t at school or work during the daytime hours, you may want to stay somewhere where it’s warmer when possible while waiting on your HVAC contractor to come check out your heat situation. In situations such as this, most family members or neighbors will be willing to help out in any way possible.

Nothing is as frustrating as having your furnace malfunction when it’s freezing outside, and if you have lived in the area long you know that Mother Nature can dish out some nasty weather during winters in Kansas City. While we will always make every effort to get to your home as quickly as possible so that your family can get back on schedule, we know the importance of keeping warm in the meantime.

Whether you need a new heating system or air conditioner or furnace repair, Schomburg Heating & Cooling is dedicated to keeping your home warm, comfortable, and safe this winter season. We invite all homeowners in Dearborn, Weston, Smithville, and other towns north of the river to trust our professionals for unsurpassed service, products, and price.