Trying to keep up with all of the parts your HVAC system has can be a bit difficult. Without the right amount of knowledge, you will find it hard to spot repair issues with this part of your home. You may be unaware of just how important airflow is to the running of your HVAC unit. If the airflow of your unit is obstructed in any way, it can cause a variety of different issues. In order to prevent this type of issue from happening, you will need to get familiar with your HVAC unit’s filter. Below is some information on HVAC filters and when they should be changed or cleaned.

A Permanent Filter

In some HVAC units, there will be what is known as a permanent filter. Obviously, this type of filter will not have to be replaced, but it will have to be cleaned. Every two months or so, you will need to take the filter out and give it a good rinse with the water hose. While these types of filters will save you money over time, they are not as effective as other types of HVAC filters. These types of filters commonly have problems with things like mold growth and bacteria. You may also face some odor issues when using these filters.

A Panel-Type Filter

One of the most common types of filters used in a home is the panel-type. For the most part, these filters are simple and will allow you to get rid of the allergens and dust in your home’s air supply. You will usually be able to get these filters at your local hardware store for a reasonable. Ideally, you will want to change these filters out at least once a month.

Leaving this filters in your HVAC system for longer than that can lead to a variety of air flow issues. Before heading off to the local hardware store for a new filter, you will need to have the dimensions in hand. There are a number of different size filters out there, which is why you will need to do your homework before going out to buy a new one. If in doubt, you can always take the filter with you. Be sure to ask the professionals at the hardware store about the best quality filters they have in stock.

Pleated Filters

Another type of HVAC filter that you need to familiarize yourself with is the pleated variety. These types of filters are generally made from a polyester weave and will only have to be changed every three to six months. While you will pay a bit more for these filters, it will be worth it considering how effective they are.

If you are unsure where your HVAC filter is, then call in the professionals at Schomburg Heating & Cooling to lend you a hand. They will be able to help you locate this filter and change it.