Modern, ductless heating and air conditioning systems are often mistaken for your traditional room AC units. While these may have some similar components, the configuration of these two items is extremely different. Ductless units have both an indoor and outdoor condenser and they cost more than room AC units.

Since a ductless system costs more, it is a good idea to take care of the investment you make by scheduling professional maintenance a few times a year. Some of the reasons that this maintenance is so important can be found here.

It is Necessary to Clean Ductless Systems

Leaks in condensate lines are a big deal in an air conditioning system, regardless of the size of type in use. The condensate line is where the water will drain out of the system as the condensation builds up on the evaporator coil inside. From time to time, the condensate line can clog, which is going to prevent water from properly draining out of the system. This can mean trouble.

With a ductless system, the indoor unit is located in a finished space, instead of your attic or somewhere else where too much damage may not occur if an issue is found. By cleaning out the evaporator coils and condensate line, you can protect your home from a number of problems. During the maintenance of the system, a quality technician will:

  • Clean any accumulated debris from the evaporator coil
  • Remove and then clean the indoor air quality parts
  • Remove any type of buildup in the condensate drain

Mechanical Issues with Ductless Systems

The inner parts of your ductless AC system can run into a number of issues. While they are designed to be durable, you can prevent issues by seeking annual service and maintenance.

For example, when a technician comes to your home for this maintenance, they should clean the condenser coil outside, which can accumulate grime and dirt that insulates heat that should be released into the surrounding air. The technician can also adjust the blower fan to ensure it doesn’t break down when it is needed most. A unique issue for ductless systems is the potential for loosening around the mount.

Restore System Efficiency with Proper Maintenance

Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by routine maintenance is that your AC system will begin to work much more efficiently. A unit that is able to run smoothly will not require as much energy. This translates to savings for you. During a service appointment, the technician will adjust the fan belts, lubricate the moving parts and clean the coils, keeping the system working as efficiently as possible.

Don’t put off maintenance or service as this can result in serious issues with your ductless air conditioning system. By scheduling regular service appointments, you can keep it running great.