A home’s HVAC system requires regular maintenance to continue operating properly day after day. Much of this maintenance needs to be handled by an experienced professional. Modern cooling and heating systems have a number of sensitive components that require expert handling for your safety and the safety and efficiency of the equipment. Some guidelines that will help you determine when it is time for professional repair and when it is a do-it- yourself task can be found here.

Changing the System Filter

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to change the filter whenever it becomes dirty. This is because grimy and dirty filters can lead to a number of issues, such as stressed fan motors, dirty air ducts, dirty evaporator coils and dust in the air that is being breathed each day. This is a rather easy task that requires very little time and effort. In most cases, you can handle this without issue.

If the dirty filters have not been changed and they have caused a problem for the heating and cooling system, this requires professional evaluation. Be sure to call your repair technician if your system coils have become frozen, if the ductwork is dirty of if the fan motor continues shutting off.

Cleaning of the System

Seasonal cleaning of a HVAC system can help ensure it continues working efficiently. In most cases, your contractor will be able to easily clean the coils and other interior parts that have gathered dust and debris. There are some cleaning projects that are considered DIY and that will keep the system running properly. This includes ensuring that the space around the interior system are clean and free of clutter and trimming any growth around the exterior unit. Also, if an issue does arise with the unit, your HVAC technician will appreciate being able to access the system easily. This regular cleaning can also help to reduce the amount of debris that are trapped inside the system.

Heating and Cooling System Repairs

It can be extremely tempting to dive into HVAC repairs when something is not working properly. After all, many homeowners take a great deal of pride in being able to handle home repairs on their own. While it is find to clean a clog in the drainage pan or tighten a bolt, anything beyond that should be left to the professionals. A technician should be called for stalled fans, broken belts or loose wiring. This is the smartest and safest way to handle these types of situations.

Keeping a heating and cooling system in proper repair will ensure it works efficiently and keeps the home comfortable. In some cases, a do-it- yourself approach to repairs will be fine; however, there are certain situations where a professional should be called. Using the tips here and getting to know what repairs should be left to the pros can ensure any heating and cooling system remains working properly throughout the change of seasons.