With Halloween just a week away, cold winter temperatures will be right on its heels. It will be just a matter of weeks before chilly temperatures set in – and who knows what the weather will bring? Considering last year’s snow, sleet, ice, and winter storms, it’s good to know that you can take a few easy steps that will help keep your Kansas City area home warm and cozy this winter. At Schomburg Heating & Cooling, we have a few tips that will not only help keep out the cold, but alleviate your worries as well.

Have A Warm Kansas City Home This Winter Season

Your furnace or heater should not be your sole source of heat. Let the sunlight and your ceiling fans help! Here are our tips:

In winter months, switch your ceiling fan to reverse mode and low speed. This will help bring the warmer air that tends to hang around the ceiling down into the room, making you feel warmer.

Open up blinds, drapes, or shades and let the natural sunlight warm up the rooms of your home. To prevent fading of your furnishings or floors, tilt the slats of your blinds up a bit so that you can still enjoy the warmth of the sunshine without worry of damage.

Consider a humidifier. It is a fact that dry air feels colder to your skin than moist air. Because a humidifier adds humidity to the air, your home will feel warmer even at the same temperature. An added bonus? Your family members won’t suffer from as many sinus issues and sore throats. Indoor air that is too dry is hard not only on your skin and your family’s health, but floors, walls, and furnishings as well.

Have a fireplace or wood burning stove? Make sure the damper is in the closed position when not being used. In addition, you may want to install glass doors if you have a fireplace to stop cold chimney air from coming into your home.

We’ve saved the most important tip for last! Remember to have your heating system serviced and maintained on a regular basis, so that it performs at top efficiency and gives you years of comfort. Having your equipment check out now will help ensure the lowest possible heating bills, and could potentially prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Are you prepared for the winter season? At Schomburg Heating & Cooling, our Kansas City heating and cooling professionals are dedicated to helping you enjoy the season without worries about how to stay warm and comfortable. We serve a wide area including St. Joseph, Dearborn, Weston, Camden Point, and all towns north. Give us a call today!