Water Heater Repair Newark Nj

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Water Heater Repair Newark Nj

Water Heater Repair In Newark NJ: Tips To Fix Your Heating Problems

Does your gas water heater need repair? There are so many signs to tell for sure. If the water heater does not heat, stay hot or get hot enough, you can troubleshoot it or get a technician to fix it. This article will highlight some troubleshooting tips to help you fix the problem before you get a technician. For water heater repair in Newark NJ, you can find experienced professionals to help you. Before taking this step, here are some tips:

Gas water heater does not heat

When your water heater doesn’t heat the water, perform these diagnostics:

    Check if the gas is turned on. Turn its control knob to PILOT as this will prevent any ignition while you’re looking into it. Remove its metal cover and see if the pilot light or burner at the end is lit. Where the pilot is off, follow the tank instructions to light it. It is possible that your gas inlet is closed partially. Turn the handle that is parallel to the line. This will relight the pilot. If it fails to relight, then the thermocouple is defective. This will require water heater repair in Newark NJ. If the burner is off, replace the cover and ensure that the thermostat has been set to 120 degrees F. if it’s not, adjust it by turning on the hot water faucet. After this, wait a few minutes to check if it will ignite. If it does not, leave the water running and lower it. Try to raise the temperature setting until the burner ignites. If it ignites, replace the cover. Turn on the thermostat and fix it at the appropriate setting. If it doesn’t work, it’s time to opt for water heater repair in Newark NJ. The problem could be caused by a defective thermostat. It is safer to replace the appliance at this point. Smell the gas. Be vigilant and smell for any garlic-like scent. Push the gas valve down to turn it off. Wait until the smell reduces before attempting to relight the pilot light. Turn off the supply valve if the smell doesn’t dissipate. Ventilate the space immediately and call a technician.

If your water does not become hot enough, turn up the dial’s setting once. Turn the heater’s thermostat dial. Increase it to a hotter setting, when the flame ignites, leave the dial and check the water temperature. Place a meat thermometer in a cup and allow the water flow into a cup for a short while.

Where it doesn’t ignite, or the water remains cold, check the heater pilot light to ensure that it is lit. Relight it according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

When your pilot refuses to stay on try to relight the light. Follow the instructions stated above. If it doesn’t work or continues to turn off, its parts may be clogged and dirty. Check it to confirm if this is the problem. Such dirt is often visible to the eyes.

When this is ruled out, then the problem may be from the thermocouple. The thermocouple extends from temperature control and goes into the pilot light flame. It also helps maintain the fire on the main burner when the temperature drops.

If you are handy, fixing this shouldn’t be a problem. However, it is recommended that you opt for water heater repair in Newark NJ to fix the problem without complicating issues.


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