Kansas City homeowners know all too well how cold it gets during winter months, and how the frigid air can result in dry, cracked skin, sore throats, a dry nose, and other conditions. As experienced KC heating and cooling professionals, we know that while you can’t control the dryness of the air outdoors, you can take measures to control the moisture level inside your home.

Many people use portable humidifiers to add moisture to certain rooms in their homes. Whole house humidifiers have gained popularity in recent years, as homeowners can now balance moisture levels throughout their entire homes. The air inside of a building can be either too humid or too dry. Too much humidity can result in the growth of mold and mildew, and cause the air to feel “sticky.” Too little humidity can result in dry, itchy, cracked skin, sore throats, dry sinuses, and worsened symptoms when someone in your household has a cold or the flu.

In addition to making your family more comfortable, a whole house humidifier helps to protect your wood floors, furnishings, and other property in your home that can suffer damage from air that is too dry.

What is a whole house humidifier and how does it work? Basically, this type of humidifier is installed on a home’s heating system; it is delivered through the duct system along with heated air, making your home more comfortable.

Another advantage of having a whole house humidifier installed in your Kansas City home is improved comfort and energy efficiency. Dry air feels colder to the skin than moister air. By adding humidity, you can actually turn the thermostat down a degree or two without feeling any difference in temperature, because the more humid air feels warmer. Not only will your family enjoy a more comfortable home, you could notice a reduction in heating costs as well.

How do you know if the air inside your home is too dry during winter months? Static electricity is one tell-tale sign. If you notice that during winter months everything shocks you or your hair stands on end, it could be an indication that the air lacks moisture. Frequent sore throats or even nosebleeds could also indicate indoor air that is too dry.

If you suspect that your home could use a little more humidity, have the heating professionals at Schomburg Heating & Cooling come assess the situation. If dry air is the problem, a whole home humidifier could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Serving customers in St. Joseph, Platte County, Dearborn, Kansas City, and all points north. Give us a call today for all of your home comfort needs!