Other than turning on the heat or stoking up the fireplace, there are a few things Kansas City homeowners can do this winter to up the comfort level without paying more in energy costs. In fact, it may be possible to reduce the cost heating your home by doing a few simple things. As trusted KC heating and cooling contractors, we have a few tips below we think you’ll find useful.

Winter Heating Tips In Kansas City

Have ceiling fans? Use them! Warm air rises; if you were to climb a step ladder inside your home to reach the area around the ceiling, you would notice the air is significantly warmer. How to get the warm air down to the level where you need it most? Put the ceiling fan on reverse so that it rotates in a clockwise direction, and turn it on low speed. This will push the warm air down, making you feel more comfortable without turning up the thermostat.

Seal up any air leaks around windows, doors, receptacles, etc. Anywhere you can feel cold air coming in, chances are heated air is going out. Use weather stripping, caulk, or whatever material is suitable to seal up gaps, cracks, or holes.

Add humidity. Most people can tell a substantial difference outside when the temperature is 75 degrees and humid, or when it’s 75 degrees and the air is dry – the humid air feels warmer. The same is true for the inside of your home. You may want to consider using portable humidifiers to achieve the right humidity level; in doing so, you may even be able to kick the thermostat down a degree or two and enjoy the same level of comfort. Many homeowners decide having a whole-home humidifier installed is a good choice. Dry air results not only in uncomfortable air, but cracked, dry skin and even damage to wood floors, furniture, and more. In winter time, humidity is a good thing!

Need to do a few chores? While it’s usually recommended to use appliances in the early morning or late evening in summer months, you can run them anytime during winter months to add a little heat to the room you’re in. For instance, the steam that escapes the dishwasher will help heat the kitchen, as will leaving the oven door cracked after you’ve finished cooking lunch or dinner. Most appliances create a little heat, including the clothes dryer. By opening the oven door after you’re through preparing dinner, the interior fan will kick off sooner due to quick cool-down of the oven, saving energy.

As a last resort, layer up a bit. You can stay comfortable without turning the heat up and increasing energy costs by wearing an extra layer of clothing. Throw on a flannel shirt or sweater, some sweat or wind pants, socks, or toss a throw over you when watching television or reading.

Keeping your home warm and toasty during the frigid winter months doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If your heating/cooling system is getting on up their in age, you may want to consider the installation of a new, more energy-efficient model – it will save you over the long-term!

For more tips or to schedule service, obtain an estimate, or get answers to your questions, contact the Kansas City HVAC professionals at Schomburg Heating & Cooling today.