Changing the air filterThe monthly bill gets most of the attention every month during the home heating season . Not nearly enough attention is paid to winter preventative maintenance and upkeep of the heating (and cooling) units themselves. Winter maintenance can play an important role in keeping your HVAC unit in good working condition and your bills lower throughout the season.

When you do preventative maintenance to prepare for the winter heating months, you will have some peace of mind regarding the reliability of your heating equipment and the functional safety (especially with gas units). Winter is not something home owners in  the  St. Joseph, Platte City or Weston areas should take lightly.

One of our qualified HVAC professionals will address a number of areas during the annual winter maintenance.

Some Items Checked During Winter Preventative Maintenance

Change the air filter – Without having the air filters on your HVAC unit changed frequently, getting the amount of airflow necessary to keep the unit running smoothly is impossible.

Clean, check, and repair burners – If you have a gas HVAC unit, knowing that the burners are in working order is a big deal. Homes and offices can become a fire risk if they do not make sure their burners are clean.

Check and Adjust Gas Pressure – Similarly, if gas pressure is too high or too low your unit could have a higher risk of malfunction than a properly maintained unit—when the safety of your home and family is at risk, you can never be too careful.

Check Operating Pressure –This ensures your furnace will maintain the temperature you want. Sometimes there isn’t enough pressure to do this, and our process will identify problems related to this.  Routine furnace and air conditioner adjustments will ensure the HVAC unit keeps the space the temperature was meant to be.

Check for Noise – Regardless of where you are, having a furnace or air conditioner that constantly makes noise can be extremely frustrating and distracting. HVAC professionals will check blower motor bearings to see if anything can be done to quickly reduce the unnecessary sound.

Check for Leaks – If no other reason has jumped out at you to have winter HVAC maintenance performed, this one should; if there is any type of natural gas or liquid propane leaks you are putting all of your property at risk.

During the HVAC professional’s trip to your area (often surrounding St. Joseph and Platte City) to look at your machinery other tasks (such as checking temperatures, voltage and amperage of the unit, and performing emissions analysis) will also be done to ensure your HVAC unit will function throughout the winter months and be as safe as possible.