It’s almost time for spring cleaning in Kansas City. It’s time to wash the windows, dust the top shelves, and vacuum under the furniture. As you move your furniture to vacuum, you may notice a ring of dirt around the outside of your return air registers. As you lift your vent covers, you may see a build-up of dust and debris settled at the bottom.

Does this accumulation of dust and debris mean that you need to have your ductwork cleaned? If so, who should you hire to do the task?

We know it is shocking, but there is a lot of misinformation online about air duct cleaning. Most of the information comes from companies that want to scare you into using their service. We at Schomburg do not work that way. Instead, we would like to share what the Environmental Protection Agency says about air duct cleaning.

Signs that you need to hire an air duct cleaning company in Kansas City

Consider following the EPA’s advice to determine if you need to have your air ducts cleaned.

Your home’s registers have an excessive amount of dust and debris.

According to the EPA, one sign that you need to hire an air duct cleaning company is that your “ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually released into the home from your supply registers.”

If you have multiple pets in your home or you recently underwent a home renovation project, you may be able to see the dust, debris, and particles.

You have mold in your home.

Another reason you may want to have your air ducts cleaned is that you have mold growing in your ductwork, within your heating and cooling system, or on the insulation surrounding the ductwork.

You have rodents or insects in your home.

No one wants to think about mice crawling through their vents, but it is a common occurrence — especially in rural areas and neighborhoods with new construction.

If you have seen signs of rodents or insects in your home, you may want to have your ducts cleaned.

How to pick an air duct cleaning company in Kansas City

The EPA’s website also gives tips on how to pick an air duct cleaning company. It should not surprise you to hear that nowhere on the EPA’s website does it say to choose an air duct cleaning company based on coupons that come in the mail. Instead, here is what the official government agency says.

Hire a highly-trained company to clean your air ducts, so your heating and cooling system is not damaged.

From the EPA’s website: “a careless or inadequately trained service provider can damage your ducts or heating and cooling system, possibly increasing your heating and air conditioning costs or forcing you to undertake difficult and costly repairs or replacements.”

Hire a company that knows how to clean your heating and cooling system.

From the EPA’s website: “Some research suggests that cleaning heating and cooling system components (e.g., cooling coils, fans and heat exchangers) may improve the efficiency of your system, resulting in a longer operating life, as well as some energy and maintenance cost savings.”

Ask advice from your heating and cooling company.

From the EPA’s website: “Check with your heating and cooling company for advice on air duct cleaning.”

Don’t listen to the advice from some fly-by-night air duct cleaning company. Hire someone who knows and understands your heating and cooling system. Call Schomburg Heating and Cooling for ductwork cleaning at 816-238-0032.