While some homeowners don’t realize it, when you own a heating, air conditioning, and ventilation unit, it is very similar to owning a car. Much like your car, the HVAC system requires regular repairs and maintenance to help ensure it continues to operate at its full potential.

Also, much like owning a vehicle, you may end up paying more on HVAC repairs than you would like to if you don’t invest in regular service and maintenance. If you want to keep your heating and cooling system running at maximum levels of performance, while saving money by eliminating the need for frequent repairs, you need to take preventive steps against serious HVAC issues. Three ways you can reduce the cost of heating and AC service are found here.

Change the Filters Regularly

If you don’t remember the last time you changed the system’s air filters, now is the time to do this. In fact, changing the filter on a regular basis can help you prevent serious issues such as clogging and help to keep your home free of various allergens. The best part is that when you replace the filters regularly, you can save as much as 15 percent on your energy costs. According to experts, it is best to replace your old air filters every three months.

Keep the Area around the HVAC Unit Clear

Another way to reduce the cost of your HVAC repairs is to keep the area around it clear from debris. If your AC is located outside, then you need to keep at least two feet around the unit clear from shrubs and grass. If you do this, it can help prevent system clogs, as well as a number of other serious issues.

Keep in mind, you also need to clean the interior unit on a regular basis. It can get clogged with dirt and other debris that are going to result in lower efficiency. While you can handle this cleaning and maintenance yourself, the professionals can also help.

Have the System Inspected Once a Year by Professionals

Most importantly, when you have an expert technician examine the system once a year, you can fix small problems before they become bigger ones. After all, a small problem that is allowed to persist is only going to lead to more issues down the road. No one wants to be facing sweltering temperatures inside in the middle of summer.

If you are unsure if your HVAC system is in good working order, or if there are undiagnosed issues present, it is best to call the professionals right away. Preventing serious issues now can save you quite a bit of time and money down the road.