Do you know what the secret is to troubleshoot electrical issues with your ac? In quite a few situations, it is trying to decide if you should handle the problem yourself, or call the professionals.

If you are facing an electrical issue with your heating and cooling system, it is likely best to leave it to the professionals. Electricity can be dangerous and one wrong move can have devastating consequences.

If you do make the decision to investigate the issue yourself, make sure you shut off all power to the system before doing anything. Some things to look for and problems to be aware of can be found here.

Electrical Components and Your Heating and Cooling Unit

There are some heating and cooling system electrical issues that can occur due to broken electrical parts and faulty wiring that provides power to it. Some of the most common electrical problems with a HVAC system are found here.

Loose Wiring

Inside of your heating and cooling system, there are quite a few electrical parts that bring power to various parts of the unit. If the wires work themselves loose over time, or suffer excess wear, it may disrupt the flow of power to these parts.

The Wrong Fuse in Place

If you have self-repaired your unit, or had someone service your system, you may have issues with incorrect replacement parts in the unit. In some cases, the issue is simple, such as the wrong size or type of fuse being used, but you may not be able to tell if this is the case without the help of the professionals.

Dirty Fuses

Just like your heating and cooling system filters that have to be cleaned from time to time to ensure air can flow through easily, fuses have to be kept clean as well. This helps to ensure electricity can flow through them with ease. If your unit isn’t maintained properly, then debris may result in a block of the connection between the fuses.

Bad Capacitors

The capacitors are important parts of the heating and cooling electrical system. It stores the charges and will regulate the power to the system. If the capacitor is not working properly or has begun to fail, you may experience serious AC electrical issues.

Short in the Wiring

If the wires are receiving more electricity than what they were designed to handle, they may wind up shorting out. This can occur because of a power outage during a storm, or the wires may begin to weaken as time passes. This will cause a block in the flow of electricity and cause a fire hazard.

If you are worried about any type of electrical issue with your heating and cooling system, the best course of action is to call the professionals. They will ensure the underlying issue is found and fixed in a timely manner.