Even though spring is just now here, there are many people who are finding it’s already necessary to run their air conditioners. After all, the warm days haven’t moved in completely. However, have you noticed when you turn your AC on, the air isn’t quite as cool as it was before? Or, that there’s no cool air at all? If so, you may wonder what is going on. What could possibly be causing the issue?

Here, you can learn about three possible issues that may have resulted in the lack of cool air coming from your cooling system.

The Filter is Clogged

Your unit’s filter plays an extremely important role when it comes to the function of your cooling system. Not only is it responsible for filtering debris and dirt out of the air, which creates cleaner air for you to breath, but it also affects the way your system runs. If excess debris are allowed to build up, it will affect the airflow, which could result in the system being unable to do its job.

It’s important to check your filter everyone to two months to make sure it isn’t dirty. If it is, either clean it well or replace it completely. This will help to prolong the life of the system.

Dirty Coils

Over time, your cooling systems evaporator coils will get dirty. If they aren’t cleaned, this can affect the performance of your air conditioning system and make it much more difficult to remove the warm air from your home. If the coils become extremely dirty, then more serious problems may arise, such as the system overheating and shutting off completely. If this happens, your best option will be to call the professionals for help. They can ensure the coils are cleaned properly and the aforementioned issues don’t occur.


Refrigerant is essential for your air conditioner to effectively do its job. However, if there is a leak, then your home is going to remain warm and your system may not be able to blow cool air. While refrigerant leaks need to be fixed, this can be dangerous to do on your own, so it’s best to call the professionals. An AC technician will be able to handle the issue and ensure the refrigerant levels are fixed.

Another common leak that may occur is one in the air ducts. If there are leaks present in the air ducts, then the cooled air may be escaping, rather than being distributed in your home, where it’s needed. A leak in the air ducts can result in homeowners losing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every year.

If your air conditioner is not blowing cooled air, make sure you don’t ignore it. The professionals can quickly and easily determine the issue, and have it fixed, and the cold air restored.